OMM Lite September 2015 Introduction

“60 check points, 2 days, how many can you find?” is the tagline OMM (Original Mountain Marathon) attach to their ‘lite’ version. Whilst the lite prefix makes sense when compared to the full OMM, it can still present a significant challenge should competitors wish to push it. Unlike the full OMM where teams must carry all their equipment for both the days on the hill and for an overnight camp in a remote location, competitors in the OMM Lite must only carry the kit required for that day’s running, returning back to a base-camp and the “luxury” that provides at the end of both days. As well as this, the navigation element is reduced – controls are positioned in obvious locations such as bridleway junctions, rather than the more aggravating locations such as tiny re-entrants and cairns which are the OMM’s more usual fair.

For those who are yet to begin their descent into orienteering races the format used in the OMM scored events is, in principle, very simple. The race organisers scatter controls across the competition area, assign a value to each control, and your aim is to collect as many points as possible within the allotted time.

Having previously competed in the OMM Lite Spring (placing first in the Short Score), the pressure was on to perform well at this event from the get-go. This time round we (Fred my running partner and myself) had entered the Long Score, figuring that it would be fairly poor sportsmanship to remain in the Short Score having already placed first. We also figured that a longer race would prepare us more thoroughly for the rigours of the full OMM a month later – whether this was actually the case in the end is still fairly debatable.

Post by Johan

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