Rather than write separate posts for each of these walks, I’ve decided to put them together as a photo blog and not go into too much detail.

Future walks and adventures will be documented more fully though as we post as we go along. But if you’d like more details, just shout!

Alwinton – Shilhope

A walk that began just north of Alwinton in the Coquet Valley starting and ending via Shilhope

Border Ridge

Starting at Alwinton again, and heading up to the Border Ridge along to The Street and back down.

The first selection of photos were taken using my little old faithful Canon compact.


These next photos were taken using my iPhone. These show more of the wonderfully boggy terrain and views across into Scotland and over to the Cheviots


Hadrian’s Wall

Another glorious day in Northumberland. We parked at Steel Rigg, walked along the wall, past the fables Sycamore Gap and down to where the Pennine Way intersects. We then split away from the wall and along to a parallel track, making our way back to the car park.

Post by Lucy

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