Kielder At Dusk

Johan is running the Marmot Dark Mountains next weekend; a mountain marathon with a difference – rather than running over two days and camping overnight, this marathon takes place through the night.

He’s never done anything like this before, and as part of his preparation, we headed up to Kielder so that he could run around the lake in the dark.

I had my own little wander and took a few photos in the dusk while waiting for him to return. Then ended up sitting in the car and clock watching. Things got rather surreal as I forgot that Burns Night is coming up; evidently there was a celebration evening being held at Leaplish restaurant (I was parked in the car park at Leaplish) as every so often a piper would appear outside and pipe the visiting foodies to their tables! So as I munched on my mini Toffee Crisp and Primus flask peppermint tea, I was treated to a little in car entertainment!

– Johan will be doing his own write up to say how he found it…needless to say, he’s suffering today!


Post by Lucy

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