Daffodil Run at Pooley Bridge

After the devasting affects of this winter’s storms on Cumbria, there have been many fundraising events and opportunities to help the Cumbrian communities. We really wanted to get involved and help in anyway that we could and so Johan signed up with one of his friends from Uni, to run in the Daffodil Run from Pooley Bridge, organised by NAV4 Adventure, and I tagged along for the day (any excuse to head over to The Lakes).

Pooley Bridge has been hit really hard by the effects of the flood as the beautiful old bridge for which it was named was washed away during the catastophic flooding.

The bridge was re-opened today, seeing a fabulous turnout of people:

Unfortunately we were only in Pooley Bridge for the day, but it’s so good to see so many people showing their support for this beautiful village.

It was awful to see the aftermath of the floods and the way in which it has affected the community, but the spirit of the locals was amazing. Everyone that we spoke to in every shop/cafe/pub that we went into was welcoming and warm; really inspiring. It certainly feels like Cumbria has been left to just deal with the flooding issues itself and just ‘get on with it’, and it seems that they are doing just that.

My mum and I had a lovely few hours pottering around the villlage while Johan was running in the fell race; brunch at Granny Dowbekins, a look in the shops and a Magnum next to the river while we waited for them to finish.

While the boys were enjoying their complimentary cuppa and homemade cake, we were joined by a lad, called Tom, who had come up for the day from London, especially to take part in the run. It was his first ever fell race, and his first experience of being out in the hills. His enthusiasm was amazing and he totally epitomised the spirit of why we were there. He couldn’t believe how friendly everyone was, and as he was on his own I asked if he wanted to hang around with us for the rest of the afternoon. He gratefully stuck with us and spent the rest of the day with a huge smile on his face, asking a ton of questions and learning as much as he could about fell running and all things outdoors. It was so refreshing to see such enthusiasm.

The day ended with a pint at the Sun Inn with my dad and a few of the Daffodil Run marshals and a drive back east with the sun setting behind us.

A cracking day in a beautiful area.


Start briefing


All smiles at the start


Main field on their way


Cracking home made ‘Pooley Gingerbridge’ from Granny Dowbekins given as a complementary thank you for simply eating there.


Coming into the finish


Post race chat


Pooley Bridge

Johan stayed on in The Lakes with his race partner and wild camped last night, followed by a light run around Ennerdale today. I’m certainly jealous as they had a cracking weekend for it. His race report and right up of the weekend will follow shortly, once he decides to come home and get back to reality!

Post by Lucy

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