The Heaton Harriers

Just a brief post really.

I’ve recently joined the Heaton Harriers – one of the local running clubs in Newcastle – to try to add some structure and consistency to my running training.

I’ve found them to be a welcoming club, with a mixed range of runners from much faster to noticeably slower than myself. Good craic, hard training sessions, and a club meeting point only about a mile from our house adds up to an excellent option for improving my running.

All I can say really is so far, so good. The sessions completed with the Harriers focus on different aspects of running (i.e. speed) than I would naturally train on my own, which can only be beneficial.

Meets are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with members encouraged to race in many races locally and across the North East, even from their first or second attendance.

I’ve unfortunately missed the slot for the first cross-country run of the season, but I’m looking forward to sorting the paperwork and getting my first club colours so that I can get involved with the rest of the season.

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