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Hey everyone,

I feel that we must apologise for our absense recently – I’m putting it down to work and just being generally busy.

We’ll be catching up and bombarding you with retrospective posts over the next few days, so be prepared to indulge in our antics!

To start with; last weekend was the OMM Lite/Bike in beautiful North Yorkshire. I went down to support Johan again and reprise my role as photographer, helping out the OMM team with a few shots out on the course and at the start/finish.

This was Johan’s first event with his new partner Chris from Kong Adventure in Keswick, a team that I think are going to go far. They came 4th overall in the Long Score, not bad for their first outing! I’ll let Johan fill you in with all the gory details though!

Now for the photos…


Holiday thoughts

We’ve come to the conlusion that this year we will be unable to get away for a big holiday abroad, and so we are looking to beautiful Great Britain for our holiday inspiration.

My dad gave me the idea to, basically, copy him this summer and link up a tour of the Highlands alongside catching a bit of the Cape Wrath Ultra

We’ve been wanting to escape up to Scotland for a while now and get lost in its beauty, so this seems like the perfect excuse!

We’ll be keeping it simple: wild camping and maybe the occasional bunkhouse or two, with lots of walking and taking in the scenery.


Sometimes the best holidays are the simplest.


Post by Lucy